Hola mi amigo! Je m'appelle Adrian, but call a ninja AsonHi. I heard that I'mma Rapper/Producer/Revolutionist but to be honest I just do me. I'm not a type that likes to be pigeonholed, so I do what I feel & just hope that some people feel what I do. Tbh, I've been lazy all around this year, but I'mma keep this updated with wild, OD stuff & some of my own personal things too...


i see nothing wrong with same sex relationships

which is cool, cause i’m finally comfortable with saying that from having a previous perspective of homophobia

people are just people, let them do what they want & if it differs from what you practice, that should be looked at as a good thing!

trust me, if everyone was just like you, the world would be boring af

so just Let People Live

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