I Thought

Ascension would change my Life Drastically & Forever,

And it freaking Has Now I’m Realizing,

I May not Be Flying or Levitating (Yet!)

But All I’ve Truly Been Wishing For Deep Down Has Come Forth,

I Have Inner Peace,

I Know what My True, True Mission on this Beautiful Earth is Now,

I’ve Seen the Apparent Changes this Energy has Begot in the People,

I’ve Seen the Glimpse of Light’s Eyes that Shall Awaken into World Peace,

My Ego does not control, I Am Rooted Deeply & in Full Pilot of This Body,

Open & Expanding Chakras, I Feel it All, Want More Knowledge, & Hold Love,

Soul & Body have Shifted into One, As I Am Searching for Her, The One,

As Souls Come Together As One, & Prove to Humans They’re All someOne,

The Beginning Hath Commenced, What Follows is Inexplicably Beautiful,

Spread Everything that’s Inside of You, Love, Light, Understanding, Peace



Who Ready?

i need to stop thinking and waiting for bad things to happen after the Good,

We should All Believe & Stay Positive, in out Mindsets


Lil B is Changing The World

He Spreads Love & Light & Peace With Open Mindedness

TYBG You Are My Friend & I Love You & Everyone & Everything

I just got pwned lol

Happy Birthday to My Cat Siddy & Myself haha :D

LEt Us Live in Lights